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Doctor Fernando Guerrero Santos - Guadalajara Mexico

I am having a face lift and asian eyelid surgery in 6 days in guadalajara mexico. i am petrified,but i have done a lot of research and some of the finest plastic surgeons in the worls are in guadalajara so here i go i am 52 years old and i want to look the best that i can look at my age... READ MORE

Dr Carlo Rob Bernadino

I have consulted with doctor bernadino 3 times in reference to revisional surgery to correct a blepharoplasty performed by a cosmetic surgeon in guadalajara. Although Dr Bernadino suggested it would be difficult to repair my upper eyelids to the heighth of normal asian anatomy at this... READ MORE

Questions from colleensmail

Divot After Glabellar. Post Face, Neck, Upper and Lower Bleph? (photo)

Ok so now i have a big divot in the middle of my forehead. my fat graft has traveled and is no longer in that area. is there some procedure i can do to fill in the divot right... READ MORE

11 Days After Revision Lower Blepharoplasty/canthopexy...right Eye Very Misshapen and Ectropin?

Will i need yet another revision. there was too much fat taken out in right eye only and i worry that in trying to overcorrect the eye with the canthopexy and skin removal i... READ MORE

I Have Had a Revisional Lower Blepharoplasty 3 and a Half Months Ago? (photo)

I have a very strange overcorrection in the right eye especially,and bumps and lumps,along with the incision seeming to open up on the right eye. i tried to talk to my doctor... READ MORE

My Eyes Are Twice As Small After Revisional Under Eye Blepharoplasty. I Am So Depressed. I Wrote my Doctor About It? (photo)

I need help.I can't count on anyone.I have had basically no aftercare.even if I could gobto someone and they gave me any adbice I would do it.but I don't have anyone to. turn... READ MORE

Eyes Half As Small? (photo)

Hello,i had an under eye bleph with skin pinch 7 months eyes are very round and very small now. is there any way i can get them larger and back to the original shape? i... READ MORE

How To Make My Eyes Normal Sized Again?

I had a2 pripor surgeries.1 in mexico where i looked great except for extra skin and lumps under eyes.then went to an occuplastic surgeon here to have the skin and bags... READ MORE

Unnecessary canthal surgery? Tarsal strip procedure? Skin flap? (photo)

My occuplastic surgeon did something to my lower lids only and has never told me exactly what he did to make me look this way...he operated only on the lower lids to take some... READ MORE

can epicanthal surgery be repaired to make eyes large again? (photos)

My lower eyelift had bad performed some kind of epicanthal surgery,looks strange and eyes are there a surgery to improve this outcome....???here is a... READ MORE

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I think you look great and sexy already....most of the most beautiful people in the world have uneveness between both eyes a little and it is still very attractive.look at any star.most all have asymetrical eyelids....wishing you the... READ COMMENT

He is a sweetheart for sure READ COMMENT

Everyone says dont go to mexico for surgery,as if the work is inferior to the United is so untrue,not only is it in most cases superior but it doesnt cost your entire lifes saving to get it look beautiful,congratulations READ COMMENT

I am wondering how you are doing also...please keep us updated...did you get hitched? if so ,congratulations READ COMMENT

My dentist is an artist and a gentleman...he is trustworthy and kind... he has a heart as big as the grand canyon. i never met such a good man. but he still struggles at 70 years old ecause he is so good,people take advantage of him... READ COMMENT