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Just 27 Hours Post-op, but Feeling Great!

I am a 46 y/o female, who has lost only about 22 pounds, and has another 15 lbs to lose. Nevertheless, I decided to undergo a brachioplasty. I am.getting married in June, and after seeing photos of me on various wedding gowns I tried on a couple months ago, I knew I wanted the procedure done in... READ MORE

Twin Skin Removed Via Abdominoplasty

I had 7 pound twins in 1993 by c-sec, and a prior baby by.c-sec in 1990. My highest weight was actually during my first (singleton) pregnancy, in which I had eclampsia. Fat plus fluid weight got me up to 191 lbs, and at 188 with the twins. After the twins, I got back down to 112 lbs. The excess... READ MORE

Breast Reduction with Lift Almost 20 Years Ago... Stilll Looks Great

For all my "adult" years, I had overly large breasts for my height/weight. My mom actually took me to a plastic surgeon for a consultation when I was 18 years old. This was back in 1982. The surgeon I saw then (who ended up doing my reduction when I was 27 years old, almost a decade... READ MORE

Questions from whatagrl

Should I Be Disappointed with my Brachioplasty?

6 weeks ago, I had bilat. brachioplasty w/lipo. I "pinched" my upper arms during my consult, so that my PS could see the aesthetic I desired. But during prep on the morning of... READ MORE