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Questions from Brijet

Will Hair Grow Back After Accidental IPL to the Hairline?

I had IPL treatment on my face one week ago and the plastic surgeon accidentally went into my hairline majorly and I am missing volume in the front of my hair. he burnt the... READ MORE

Can I Have a Fat Transfer to my Nose?

Thanks to an IPL gone wrong, not only is my face now devoid of fat...but my nose is losing all shape and is devoid of a bulbous tip. Is there any doctor out there that can... READ MORE

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I am so very very sorry you had this experience and have joined a club that none of us signed up for. Your story is so similar to mine and many others. I have not found anything that helped. I got a fat graft after my damage and I... READ COMMENT

Sorry. The same exact thing happened to me and alas, the hair never grew back. It has been 5 years. Changed the whole way my hair "lays" and is quite difficult to style. Lasers flashing around a human head is obviously not a great idea.... READ COMMENT

Cosmetic light treatments are now known to cause autoimmune responses in many people receiving them. Someone please start a post about this. I wonder how many doctors will say it ain't so. They know it is true. READ COMMENT

Thermage was actually the first "treatment" to have been documented in literature as having caused fat loss. Over 4 years ago it was noted, so for doctors to "not know" and continue using heat/light based treatments on the face...? READ COMMENT

Dark gray/black raccoon lines/circles under the eye post fraxel are from fat loss and loosened connective tissue between cheek and under eye area. The swelling and trauma and heat, melt or stretch out the connective proteins.... READ COMMENT