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Patsy, that was for you--it was a response to your post that a doc does 5-6 face lifts in a day, and I was mentioning that the good face lift docs I know only do one in a day. I know there's a fabulous facial surgeon in Dallas:... READ COMMENT

Dear Miss Elaine, I am not "blaming the victim", I am saying that we, unfortunately, live in a world where caveat emptor, buyer beware, is essential. We USED TO BE protected from the unqualified doing cosmetic procedures because... READ COMMENT

Patsy, it's been my experience in working with board certified plastic surgeons that those doing face lifts tend to do only one a day, certainly not 6 a day. And for anyone with an unsatisfactory result from a practice, why in God's... READ COMMENT

Wow, you obviously have a problem with your anger. I can't imagine she hasn't had plastic surgery either, but seriously, the FaceMaster DOES work. There's only so much plastic surgery is gonna do, your face will still age, and the TENS... READ COMMENT

I bought it and I DO see a difference after using this for a week. My jawline is definitely tighter. And I have had a previous facelift so I know what I'm looking at here. It's based on the same premise as TENS units, which you can... READ COMMENT