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You have microswelling in one week after the procedure which covers up all skin imperfections, intermediate result of laser resurfacing should be evaluated after one month, final result after 6 months. READ COMMENT

Laser procedures have to be evaluated at least two weeks after the procedure, better one or several months. before that you have micro-swelling that covers up all skin imperfections like wrinkles, pores, scars etc. READ COMMENT

One can buy those oils from an online supplier and mix the equal amount of the 'magic oil' for about 10 bucks. READ COMMENT

That is a total BS! If Hauschka was right, people with oily skin just have to put some light moisturizer at night to "send a signal to sebaceous glands to cut down on moisture production" and make their skin more towards normal. I... READ COMMENT

How do you know your result is not from exercising only? READ COMMENT