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Remember that appearances, like pain, is relative. Someone on here says, "my face looked awful!!" could mean nothing to you or I...same thing with pain. Some people think a bee sting is the end of the world so take that with a grain... READ COMMENT

Don't pick and DON'T remove with cuticle scissors people!! USE the moisturizer to hide the dead skin and to help it slough off... come on. READ COMMENT

Your lack of pain has nothing to do with how sensitive your skin is or how effective the peel is, it has to do with the fact that the peel has phenol in it, which is a numbing agent. The moisturizer helps hide peeling skin, keeps your... READ COMMENT

A ViPeel has TCA in it and gives you similar results as those painful TCA peels (avoid Obagi like the plague!) Instead, do another ViPeel. READ COMMENT

It will help, yes. It dramatically improved my overall appearance. READ COMMENT