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Reviews by 2030anon

Extended Tummy Tuck with Lipo to the Midsection, Back, Flanks, Abdomin = Unsightly Results

I was very unhappy with the results, the cost, and the emotional toll it has taken on me. It was not worth it, I didnt get what i paid for, from the definition for porcedure preformed explains what your reward would be. My flanks were not corrected during surgery,i have a very uneven shape... READ MORE

Questions from 2030anon

Can Asymmetry of Horizontal Scar Be Fixed on the Side That is Lower?

If this wasnt causing my skin to over lap causing discomfort & be about an inch and a half lower than the other side, im concerned as to how this can be corrected, It is... READ MORE

Can a Circumferential Tummy Tuck Improve Results from Inverted T Tuck?

Can a circumferential tummy tuck be done on a patient that had the inverted t tummy tuck with lipo with unsatisfactory results?  I believe if i had known of the... READ MORE

Discussions started by 2030anon

Hip bulges/loose skin after tummy tuck?

I have not lost or gained any weight after my extended tummy tuck an lipo to the midsection- back,flanks, abdomin. I am a previous gastic bypass pateint from 1999, i did have... READ MORE

What if post operation results CLEARLY dont match intended results?

What IF The recommended surgical plan was preformed,, I am one year an two months post op, My results clearly dont come close to the INTENDED RESULTS? When a surgical plan is... READ MORE