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Titan Genesis Laser Adds Fullness to Face? Are Results Comparable to Fat Injection?

I want more volume in the cheek area and want to correct the nasal labial line on one side. I also want to help improve the texture and redness of my skin. The doctor told me... READ MORE

Is Jolidermis filler safer and longer-lasting than other fillers?

Would any problems arise from having it injected into a site where fat has previously been injected several times? The site is the nasal labial folds. I intend to inject fat... READ MORE

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Hi, i hope things are getting better. it sounds like a horrible ordeal. i just saw a renowned scar specialist who recommended fractional laser for a ”mature hypertrophic” scar on my body which is in a visible area. since there is no... READ COMMENT

I think they are because i had pretty bad acne as a teen. dermatologists have told me it's just "how my skin is" and that i can't do anything about it. i don't wear foundation because it looks terrible after an hour. i guess i'll try... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the review. what was the length of the needles? i am considering this procedure to clear up lots of icepick scarring. thanks. READ COMMENT

I'm thinking about getting a dermastamp but i wonder if it would help the shallow icepick scarring that covers my nose, cheeks and forehead. i've heard that it's hard to fix this kind of scarring. it looks like hundreds of huge pores. READ COMMENT

I want to have this done too. did you have it under general anesthesia or iv sedation? is $3000 a good price for this procedure? thanks READ COMMENT