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How to Fix Botched Upper Eyelid Surgery?

My left eye won't close completely as stated by one ocularplastic surgeon suggests pinching the outer corner. Another recogized the lid upturn exposing sensitive underlid... READ MORE

Strands of Tissue Running from Gumline to Top of my Teeth

I had gum disease corrected with deep root cleaning, but I have threadlike strands running from my gum line to the top of my teeth. Even the upper teeth which was not diseased... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations to Fix Botched Blepharoplasty

Too much skin removed doing eye lid blemp. Sensitive under lid tissue exposed to environment. I am in need of a eyelid facial plastic surgeon who can lower the left lid or skin... READ MORE

Are There Any Doctors Who Do Skin Grafts on Eye Lids?

My eyelids turn up because too much skin was taken on a previous blep. I haven't found any help with this matter. They don't look bad, but are very miserable with dry eye.... READ MORE

I had a eyelid lift and MD cut the outer corner skin (not the rim) that made my eye smaller. Can this be repaired?

I am very miserable with the constant pulling up , yet I still have droopy lid. He cut a horizontal piece at the corner and a double crease falls over the lid. . I had loose... READ MORE

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I had too much skin taken-can he do a skin graft on one eye and fix skin pulling up causing smaller eye? READ COMMENT

I have had a bad surgery, took off too much skin and other problems. I have been to seven MD's and most will not do it. One said I heal slow & always had a smaller eye but didn't notice it. One ocularplastic surgeon said he would do... READ COMMENT

Your before picture looks good, my eyes where droopier touching my lashes. Heavy while work computer at work. I too did not think all this could go so wrong. I had friends who had eyelid work done and it was beautiful, but this MD... READ COMMENT

I live in Ohio near Pittsburgh, PA and have been to a couple doctors in Pitt w/o any success to have my eye lids repaired. They look fine, just one is droppy, but the extreme discomfort of not having enough skin and lid turning up and... READ COMMENT

Right, so hard to find a surgeon to repair a bad blep. My MD took too much skin and my lids turn up. I have to tape them down as the air etc goes up under the eye lid and if a/c is on the entire eye area feels frozen. 4.5 years since... READ COMMENT