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Questions from Gwyneth

Who Performed Tara Reid's Abdominal Liposuction?

I know that she experienced a lot of skin irregularities the first time she underwent liposuction. Also, which dr worked to correct the irregularities? I have wanted... READ MORE

What is the Most Controlled Way to Remove a Very Small Amount of Fat?

I seek to remove approximately 200 ccs of fat - a roll of fat which lies directly and continues obliquely and over the iliac crest towards the back. I can be skinny everywhere... READ MORE

Can a Lip Lift incision be placed above the nasal sill?

Is there a reason why the incision cannot be done inside the nose above the nasal sill and continuing forward to transverse the columellar skin? Of course this includes... READ MORE

I accidentally cut my nose, horizontally, 3mms deep at > 45 degree angle to skin surface.​How did the cut heal so well?

Needless to say, it bled profusely. First, I washed it w/ liquid soap, rinsed it heavily causing the skin flap to fold backward. Then I pressed the flap gently in place. That... READ MORE

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Has Anyone Ever Used a Surgeon Whose Surgeon Had Undergone a Facelift?

Excuse the redundancy in the title of this question. But I'm interested in knowing if your facelift surgeon had a facelift too?I would be interested in seeing what the... READ MORE

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Blue06, yes, I definitely agree, paying more doesn't lessen risk. I'm grateful the second run with Latisse is consistent with my first use of it and has not given me any negative side effects like the Careprost did. It's definitely... READ COMMENT

That's interesting, I never considered Careprost might not contain bimatoprost. Now that you mention it, there are other molecularly similar substances to bimatoprost. Now I wonder if it's only similar and not the same to what is found... READ COMMENT

Eisley and Katlin, I tried Latisse and it worked for me, it grew my lashes long. I then saw the ad for Careprost and thought I would give it a try. I proceeded cautiously only applying a drop for both eyes. I watched very carefully... READ COMMENT

Yes, I'm glad for you or anyone who has a positive outcome. Would love to see your pictures that show the work without identifying you. That would be so helpful for us. READ COMMENT

Does VITALS and RS advertise their doctors? READ COMMENT