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Sinus Surgery Worked for Me

My sinuses were "scarred shut" as the doctor put it.....after an infection that simply didn't respond to antibiotics. I had post nasal drip for years and was constantly sniffing.The surgery did the trick. No more problems and if I get conjested I use my Nettie pot which really helps.I... READ MORE

Laser Lipo Instead of Brachioplasty - Pismo Beach

I am 57 and just had a laser Lipo in Pismo Beach, California. It is fantastic! No scars at ALL ( just the mosquito bites where the lipo tube goes in) . and my arms look completely natural. The recovery time was about a month when they are sore to the touch. But now they are fine 3 months out... READ MORE

Laser Removal of Facial Spider Veins

I have had laser removal of spider veins on my face twice in my 40's . The last time was 7 years ago and they have never come back. I have light skin and redden easily and have some sun damage which gave me a look of rosaceae. I think it's worth it. READ MORE

Saline Sclerotherapy Was Ineffective and Painful

It really hurt to the point where I was in tears ( this is not normal for me) and afterward the doctor never said that I should wear compression stockings which I understand is normal procedure. It really wasn't effective either. I've had much better luck and less pain with laser therapy from... READ MORE

Lip Tattoo is Great - San Luis Obispo CA

I did it 10+ years ago and it has faded a bit but still looks fine. I did the whole lip area, not just a liner. I think that is better.Enga at Playgirl Salon in Santa Maria did it. There is also a very good tatoo artist at A La Mode in SLO> READ MORE

Cellulaze Did Not Make my Behind Perfect, but It'smuch Improved - Ventura, CA

I am 60 and had class 3 cellulite, the worse. My behind looked like an elephant. I am not significantly overweight. The cellulaze improved it a marked degree. it was not terribly painful. There was bruising and tenderness for a few weeks, then itching during healing for about 2 months. Now it... READ MORE