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Hey! There's lots of love, here. I, too, am glad I stopped by. Isn't it funny that through Chelie's misfortune, we all have found comfort and strength, and encouragement in each other! Almost like a better church. You know, people... READ COMMENT

Bravo to You, TOO!--you saved yourself by getting a second opinion about the pop in your brain. You know what, MVP? That happened to my Mom, too. She was emptying the garbage one morning, out in front of the house, when all of the... READ COMMENT

Well, you have proven that a person is not just a body, but is primarily defined by their personality. And you have a GREAT PERSONALITY! And you know it's true: when somebody loves you, they love ALL of you--even the scars. So don't... READ COMMENT

P.S. You look wonderful. Congratulations, Gorgeous! Wow! I'm so happy for you. READ COMMENT