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Breast Reduction is the Best Thing I've Ever Done for Myself - Seattle, WA

First of all, my reduction was performed in October, 2008, covered by insurance 100% except for the cost of some pain medication. My surgeon's office handled all the paperwork. I did have to see my regular doctor once to confirm it was needed and this cost me a $15 co-pay. I think the cost I... READ MORE

Love Handles Gone - Bellevue, WA

My love handles were out of control. I hated how I looked in pants and referred to my backside as Square Pants when wearing them. No more. I had micro body contouring at Athenix Body Institute in Bellevue, Washington, 18 days ago. Dr. Bullis removed 1300 cc of fat from my flanks and today I put... READ MORE

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Girl, I am so sorry this happened to you. My heart is breaking for you. I'm a Master Esthetician who works in a medi-spa using both lasers and micro needling (Dermapen). I've never seen anything like what you've experienced, though I... READ COMMENT

Hopeless, I hope things have improved for you. I don't know what to say, except your story is truly sad. I want you to know something - you are and always were much more than your body. That said, if life as you knew it is over, you... READ COMMENT

I can tell you this, if they really worked, they would have to be sold by prescription only. As a Master Esthetician in a medical practice, I recommend looking into laser treatments or micro needling. That said, you look great. ... READ COMMENT

I would not use a derma roller. The needles penetrate the skin at angles, which can cause more damage than good. It's best to use a micro needling pen and have it done by a trained professional. READ COMMENT

Has anyone investigated micro needling with minoxidil? This treatment is being used on some men hoping to regrow hair. Micro needling isn't painless, but lidocaine put on for 30 minutes before treatment helps. The needling is also... READ COMMENT