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My Face Has Melted After Excessive Use!

Help - 5 month nightmare.. my face has "melted" after excessive use of hyaluronidase. Enormous amount of skin laxity .. natural fat stripped and now replaced with some filler (temples) and cheeks but my lower face which was over corrected have massive troughs.I am really disfigured ..... READ MORE

Botox Went Wrong - Pstosis (Drooping) of the Eyes / Cheeks / Mouth Are Possible Side Effects !!!

I went to the UK's top practice for 3 years but when it went wrong i was treated apallingly, no admission of error and left absolutely devastated with no information.i thought it was permanent ?? i had to go on the internet and then get a second practitioners opinion. pstosis .... READ MORE

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Yeah same here - about 10 days and my cheek slid down my face. I was using for 3 years, every quarter. It was called 'baby botox' as it was small amounts applied regularly but left you with microexpressions so not 'frozen'. After my... READ COMMENT

I am also four years post botox and my face never recovered either. Much more pronounced on one side . In the beginning I looked like Sloth from the Goonies ( now not so extreme) except when I am really tired. I have a different face... READ COMMENT

Get some funky frames and some non perscription lenses for your glasses? This will distract people - or cut some bangs and wear a bright lippy. They will notice some changes but will put it down to this ? People do not have photographic... READ COMMENT

Hi Flygirl :0) I think your skin looks taught after exercise as blood fills the area ? When you are tired / dehydrated the skin looks flat but when you are flush from exercise the skin looks pumped - same affect as weightlifting.... READ COMMENT

Hi Wishful - i did take the choline for a while but to be honest my problem is astrophy and drift. i'm still healing but my journey has been 2 years four months so far and about 70% of normal function. i had about 13 applications of... READ COMMENT