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My Face Has Melted After Excessive Use!

Help - 5 month nightmare.. my face has "melted" after excessive use of hyaluronidase. Enormous amount of skin laxity .. natural fat stripped and now replaced with some filler (temples) and cheeks but my lower face which was over corrected have massive troughs.I am really disfigured ..... READ MORE

Botox Went Wrong - Pstosis (Drooping) of the Eyes / Cheeks / Mouth Are Possible Side Effects !!!

I went to the UK's top practice for 3 years but when it went wrong i was treated apallingly, no admission of error and left absolutely devastated with no information.i thought it was permanent ?? i had to go on the internet and then get a second practitioners opinion. pstosis .... READ MORE

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Thanks for sharing Chloerose -I am seeing a surgeon next week to evaluate what can be done for my perm post botox issues. Glad that you are happy with the work you have done, you are very brave xx Meltyface xx READ COMMENT

When did you have the Botox done? It might temporary - tension is gone in the muscles. How frequent a user were you and over what length of time ? If it is still there a long time after botox has worn off - say 18 months or so it might... READ COMMENT

I know - what a twit! Sounds like you have a compressed nerve - and atrophy maybe where the muscle has indented - I have those crescents above both eyes. I have a lot of pressure and pain in the areas but not constant - maybe because... READ COMMENT

I don't know for certain - it is an educated guess based on treatment on Bell's Palsy patients, if it turns our to be my zygotimaticus or whatever its called. However I have crescents above both eyes where the levators are shot to shit... READ COMMENT

Hi Hun - nope nothing - going for a surgical consult in about 6 weeks, hopefully it won't need to much adjusting - the nerves are working but the muscle needs shortening - will be interested to hear what he thinks. I had an online... READ COMMENT