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Hard to say. It does seem to reverse, at least partially for some people. Mine did not reverse at all after two years of use - developed ptosis as a result and had to have a difficult surgery to correct it. Keep us posted, and best of... READ COMMENT

Thank goodness! It is wonderful to know that you are finally feeling better and starting to feel good about your overall result. I predict it will just continue getting better and better - I will be one year post on Monday and this past... READ COMMENT

Your comment is completely out of line, insensitive, and way off mark. It's pretty obvious she's not stating an opinion or preference of eye colors in general, she's upset that her own natural eye color, that she liked, was permanently... READ COMMENT

Odd, mine say, "New Comment on "Complete Facelift..." followed by the name of the person that commented. I wonder why ours display differently? READ COMMENT

That's what I believe happened to me. Ptosis surgery ultimately corrected it, but it was very involved, difficult, and required revision. READ COMMENT