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I can't vouch for the overall validity of the RateMD's site, but I've posted several reviews over the years without any problem or reason for suspicion. Not sure why you've had trouble, but I do know that your last sentence is not true.... READ COMMENT

Hi devon, I looked through the pictures you've posted in various places and am so sorry for what you're going through. You appear to have ptosis, which I only noticed one doctor commented on. What he didn't add is that by having the... READ COMMENT

Olive oil is great on both facial and eye area skin. I also use the expensive serums now because they've really helped me, but I often moisturize afterwards with olive oil. Love it. :-) READ COMMENT

As I mentioned somewhere in this thread, my fat atrophy never reversed. I suspect it has to do with how long the product is used before stopping and how much damage has occurred at that point. I used it for a couple of years, sparingly.... READ COMMENT

Still looking beautiful! Curious - did you mean to post more than one picture in this recent update? Just asking because you mention "silly pictures" and then refer to being able to see hollows in one of the pictures - but I only see... READ COMMENT