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How to Fix Lip Appearance After Bad Artecoll Treatment

Had a lip augmentation with artecoll. Got bumps and huge lips,and the part of the face on top of the lips very swallen. I got kenalog inyections and 4 sugeries to remove the... READ MORE

Top Second Molar Pulled out, Will My Face Look Uneven?

I have my top second molar pulled out yesterday, (i had all my wisdom ones pulled out to years ago after brackets). I am scared my face will look uneven of my jaw or cheeks on... READ MORE

Smokers lines are starting to appear, what can I do to stop the from forming?

I had a bad lip augmentation with silicone, underwent 3 surgerys to try to take out the silicon but some could not be removed. The top of the lip look swallen. i have notice 6... READ MORE

Upper eyelid extra fold or wrinkle just in 1 eye? (Photo)

I have a double eyelid, wrikle or extra fold in one eyelid. It is visible only sometimes and most if the eyelid is looked from bellow. Which would be the best way to get rid of... READ MORE

How long after ptosis surgery can you do eye exercises?

Dear doctors, I am going to have ptosis repair surgery in two weeks, i have a mild ptosis on left eye and a latent ptosis in the right one. I have been doing facial exercises... READ MORE