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Reviews by MirrorMirror000

Disappointed with Botox

I had Botox many years ago right after it came out.  The result was amazing.  Unfortunately, I couldn't afford it for awhile so I never went back.  About a year ago I decided to try it again.  I went back to the same dermatologist several times because the furrow was not... READ MORE

Loved Dysport - Much Better Than Botox for Glabellar Lines

Had Dysport this time over Botox. I had started experiencing less & less effectiveness with Botox. I feel this smoothed my glabellar more than the botox did.I'll do it again...definitely. READ MORE

Results Short Lived with Fillers - Pearl River, NY

Ive been getting Botox to forehead and various fillers to cheeks for years. I love the results for the first 3 weeks but it wears off so quickly. I'm told that I just need more. My eyebrows have taken on a joker like shape also. The cost is now more than a surgical procedure would have been.... READ MORE

Questions from MirrorMirror000

Botox Resistance - Why Doesn't Botox Work for Me?

I had Botox injections between the brow. The frown line was still present a few weeks later so I returned for another injection. I am starting to think that I am crazy. I can... READ MORE

Can Perlane Disappear in 4 Days? I Had 2 Vials and Loved It but Now Its Gone.

I had Restylane a year ago for my cheeks. I thought it had worn off quickly after that so I asked for Perlane this time around. He used 2 vials. I loved it when I left but now... READ MORE