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3rd Rhinoplasty What Should I Do?

I had a graft from my ear put in my nose 4 years ago, now i have a small dent along the side of my left bridge, It makes my nose look crooked, the PS wants to place a small graft and reduce the size of my tip.. I dont know if the nose looked crooked cause there actual is a dent or there is a... READ MORE

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What else Needs to Be Addressed for Third Revision Rhinoplasty?

Going to have my 3rd surgery soon. The worst angle is the one looking down at my nose (if you were taller). Not sure if there's bump on the left-side of the bridge or dent on... READ MORE

Possible for Buckled Septum to Heal Straight After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I have had 3 rhinos in the last 5 years, my last one was 3 weeks ago. My PS said i hardly have any septum to work with, what i did have left is buckled, it curves a little the... READ MORE

Nose Still Over-projected After Rhinoplasty

Hello, I am only 2 weeks post-Op. Do you think my nose is still over-projected? i feel it is but i could be crazy. Also will the projection go down at all as the swelling... READ MORE

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Which doctor is best for tip revisions (4th surgery) and asymmetry from the frontal view in NYC? My nose is still too projected.

This is my final list i want to consult with only 3-4 , please recommend: Daniel baker Norman Godfrey Steve Pearlman Phillip MIller Tobias Tabbal constanides ashton kassir loeb... READ MORE

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Sure! I have a consult with miller. I actually feel good about him there os much i don't like about all the other doctors. OR have read i mean i did so much research! My top 3 were pearl man but he seems a bit off, baker he is like 99... READ COMMENT

I actually got anther nose job. It look the same but a bit smaller. READ COMMENT

Hello i am 2 months post revision rhino. Yesterday i was stretching and accidently hit myself in the nose i felt it go to one side then back kind of like a regular nose would (slightly bend then come back). It hurt for about 1 minute... READ COMMENT

Hello, I am 3 weeks PO now, I am not that upset about my nose as much as i was. I just have a question: will my tip get smaller? if it does then my projection will decrease right? Has anyone had an experience where it got smaller? Helppp! READ COMMENT