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Silikon for thin lips? - Clearwater, FL

The positive thing is that the results are permanent and the disadvantage is that I did not research it enough to feel confident that it is safe and because I had a guest coming for the holidays, I let the doctor talk me into it because I was anxious to look good. They said I might be happy... READ MORE

Full facelift vs Lifestyle lift

I had a facelift in 1996 and it has lasted me almost twenty years. I am currently interviewing doctor's to have it neck and cheeks redone as time presses on. A receptionist at one of my doctor's office had the Lifestyle lift five years ago and she is miserable and I can't believe she had... READ MORE

Questions from chellamia

Fraxel and Thermage Combo for Nasal and Jowls Area?

On Wednesday I made full payment on CC for this (not CO2) "Fraxel/Thermage combo for nasolabial folds and jowls area" but am concerned that it will look funny if they... READ MORE

Is Silikon Legal in Every U.S. State?

A Florida doctor did unsatisfactory silikon injections in my lips for $750. He is refusing to see me for follow up. Is silikon legal in some states and not in others? Please... READ MORE

Silikon Injection Problems Years Later?

Is there anyone who developed problems years later? Professor Peter Hutt and Tamara Tilleman,MD wrote in 2005 .." silicone became notorious for devastating results. FDA... READ MORE

Why is There So Much Controversy over Silikon 1000 for Lips?

I am interested in permanent fillers but find many doctors warn against it because of migration or other potential risks. There are a couple of doctors here from up north who... READ MORE

Any Benefits from "Neckline Slimmer"?

Does anyone think we could benefit from the "Neckline Slimmer" (as seen on TV)? I had a face lift 10 years ago but now probably from gaining and losing weight, there is some... READ MORE

Is 63 Too Old and is It Safe to Get LASIK? (photo)

Just noticed an online offer starting at $300/eye by the Lasik Eye Institute I am about to spend another $1000 for several new glasses and was looking into contact lenses for... READ MORE

Sad Face, Puffy Pads, Loose Neck Skin, Alternative to Botox & Fillers? (photo)

Full face lift age 48 1996 best thing I ever did, totally stopped aging process and I looked about the same then as I do now BEFORE procedure except 16 years later time marches... READ MORE

Lasting Results for MACS & PSP, is SMAS Included to Secure Muscle? (photo)

16 years since I had facelift and so far 5 doctor's responded to my question as to alternative to fillers and botex all seem to agree that a lower facelift is in order. Susie49... READ MORE

What Tx Recommended for Eyes with Puffy Bags & Wrinkles? Will Tattoo Eyeliner Be Cut Off? (photo)

What tx recommended for eyes with folds, puffy bags underneath Will surgery cut off the permanent eyeliner above and below? What can I do about upper eyes which didn't heal... READ MORE

What is Recommended for Inner Corner Up Eyelids and the Puffy Bags That Form Under my Eyes That ONLY Show when I Smile? (photo)

I had a facelift in 1995 and only remember I had a left droopy eyelid that was corrected and had some problem healing the lid. Often the inner corners look puffy or like extra... READ MORE

What is fat transfer, stem cells, growth hormone skin rejuvenation demonstrated 11-4-13 on The Doctors: "Video chat facelift"?

He said: " we draw serum & mix it w/stem cells which are fat cells. we don't do face lifts anymore without adding stems cells & growth hormone for the skin rejuvenation... READ MORE

Neck lift, mini lift, lower face lift, what is the difference? What procedure/s do you suggest for me? (photos)

I had successful long lasting SMAS facelift at age 48. 17 years later, loose skin came back; most distressing is I look sad when I'm not. Never had botox but once tried 1 ml... READ MORE

What is the difference between a submentoplasty and platysmaplasty? Would filler be enough to resolve sad mouth area? (photos)

I am 66 and had a successful facelift 20 years ago. Now I have sad face and loose neck and confused about what is best procedure for me. I am convinced of Natural Fill (using... READ MORE

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Thank you for sharing so thoroughly. I'm sure you said it but how long were you there as I want to take your advice about the extra week. Don't forget to put your new after pictures next to your before as they are very dramatic and... READ COMMENT

Isn't it great to look young again? look great and it will only get better. Did she make an incision under your chin and do lipo there like some docs do? it doesn't look like it but just wondering. Didn't seem like you... READ COMMENT

That is true but sometimes I think doctors just don't want to spend the money and time it takes to process it and they make more money for people coming back for fillers. Did she use any filler on you? You mentioned this clinic:... READ COMMENT

Looking good. Again, please answer if you got any filler. Where are you having pain? All over? You look just like I did about 6 days as I remember so all is well. Do you know anyone who went to Dr. Annabelle Salas Pereira who... READ COMMENT

Where is the pain? I'm sure everyone is different and you will feel better once you get the stiches out. READ COMMENT