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Results aren't permanent and remaining hair is patchy

I've had laser hair removal on my lower neck (front + back) and on my chest, and am happy with the results, but I still have some light thin hairs after 10 treatments over 7 years. (I had laser hair removal 5 times in 2000, and another 5 times over the last two years for touch ups.) The pain... READ MORE

Accutane Only Cures Deep (Cystic) Acne - Seattle, WA

One of my friends took Accutane as soon as he got his first pimple, because his lawyer father wanted his son on the strongest treatment available.  It certainly seemed to work for my friend. My parents are both doctors, so they felt it was best to start with less powerful acne... READ MORE

Double Chin Lipo for 30 Year Old Male

My family has a hereditary double chin that is truly the last place where diet and exercise will get rid of the fat. I've had the double chin since when I was a baby, and it was only minimized when I was rowing obsessively as a teenager. Even then, at 4% body fat and with six pack abs, I... READ MORE

Treat Dermatitis first, then V beam reduces rosacea flares

Rosacea is only apparent on my left cheek and a tiny bit on my nose. Both appear to be caused by sun damage because I've had bad sunburns in those locations because I didn't reapply sunscreen enough. I also slept on my left side for 7 years.  Once the rosacea started flaring up... READ MORE

Questions from Eric K

Juvederm vs Restylane

From what i can tell juvederm is maybe better than restylane because it lasts longer. Is this true? Are there other things i should take in to account before choosing juvederm... READ MORE

Does VISS At-Home Hair Removal Work?

How does VISS IPL compare to professional results? READ MORE

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A decent over-the-counter anti-fungal cream is Lotramin Ultra (Butenafine Hydrochloride). My rosacea outbreaks started after I switched to only using natural skin care products made from food grade oils. I've always had minor dandruff... READ COMMENT

It would be better to get an Rx for Ketoconazole cream (2%) since the shampoo has some foaming agents that can irritate sensitive skin. In retrospect, the redness on my face was exacerbated by a face cleanser that was marketed for... READ COMMENT

Nice improvement! I'm glad my review saved you from having to go through lipo first like I did. The muscle tightening isn't as scary as it sounds and will provide lasting support under your chin. Another friend decided to go for... READ COMMENT

John, it depends on your priorities and facial/neck structure. In my case, I never had a strong jaw line even when I was a rail thin teenager. The neck lift definitely helped more than the lipo, yet the improvement wasn't as... READ COMMENT

Everyone supports correcting a cleft palate in kids, and that's plastic surgery. It would be great if kids didn't bully others for genetic features, but that's unlikely to change. Why wait for Otoplasty? Each year of bullying makes... READ COMMENT