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V Beam and Facial Fat Loss

I had v beam treatment 8 months ago and I now have facial fat loss. I had V beam laser done that was turned on too high and caused blisters which left some scarring and also... READ MORE

Vertical Lines and Large Pores After V Beam

I got vertical line scars and what looks like very large pores from v beam laser done on my chin area. Anything that can be done? I also go some indentions and I see on the v... READ MORE

Retin-A vs. Differin for Wrinkles and Skin Damage

I was wondering if differin can help wrinkles and skin damage as well as retin a . I have tried to use retin a but it is too strong for my skin but it tolerates differin well.... READ MORE

I Had an 8% Tca Peel Done Under my Eyes 3 Months Ago. Will time help the wrinkles & pigment?

I had an 8% tca peel done by my dermatologist for some Hyper-pigmentation under my eyes . She did 4 passes I dont remember her neutralizing it. It has been 3 months and now I... READ MORE

Treatment Options For Raised Scar After TCA Peel Under Eye?

Can Anyone help. I developed a raised circular scar under my eye after a tca peel done by a dermatologist . She did 3 passes with an 8% tca and then decided to dab with a q-tip... READ MORE

Help for Fine Lines Under Eyes After Tca Peel

I had a dermatologist do and 8% tca peel under my eyes for hyperpigmentation. She did 3 passes which caused a small round raised scar and also I see a lot of fine lines now... READ MORE

What Can I Do For Hyper-pigmentation Under Eye After TCA Peel?

I got a tca peel under my eyes for some hyper-pigmentation . It was done by a derm. who put too many layers and it ended up causing alot of pih. She has done it before and it... READ MORE

Differin For Treating Hyper-pigmentation?

I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation. I freckle very easily. I always use sunscreen and stay out of the sun but still seem to pigment. Will differin 3% help with my... READ MORE

Botox for TMJ

I have had tmj that was causing tension headaches that became migraines. I had botox done 150 units in forhead, temples, jaw , neck and top of shoulders. Its been 3 months and... READ MORE

Indented Scar After Tca Peel Under Eye?

I had a 6% tca peel done by a dermatologist under my eyes for hyper-pigmentation. The doctor did 3 passes using a q-tip and then dabbed one freckle again. It has left a... READ MORE

Can Differin Make Hypo-pigmentation Worse?

Hi I had a 8% tca peel done under my eye by a dermatologist who went to aggressive and caused more hyper-pigmentation and now hypo-pigmentation. I have been really careful with... READ MORE

Hypo Pigmentation After Tca Peel?

I got hypo-pigmentation lines under my eye after a tca peel one year ago done by a dermatologist. It seems like some developed 10 months after the peel . It looks like lines of... READ MORE

Sebaceous Hyperplasia and Differin?

Hi I was just told I have sebaceous hyperplasia . The dermatologist told me I have to use a retinoid and I have gone back on my differin. She said differin will get rid of... READ MORE

hot and cold tooth sensitivity for months after crown

I had a new crown done twice due to the first bite being off and making my tmj worse. Before cememted it I saw a endodontist said my tooth nerve tested ok. After cementing I... READ MORE

There is a rounded ridge where my gums meet my new dental crown, is this normal?

I have a new dental crown in the back bottom in front of my wisdom tooth and I noticed that were the gum and teeth meet there is a rounded ridge. It is not red of inflamed. Is... READ MORE

How to remove melasma from chest area?

Hi I have melasma on my chest area pretty bad. I freckle very easily also. I use sunscreen but it is still bad on the chest area. I am allergic to hydroquinone and cant seem to... READ MORE

Gash on forehead left a small indentation. Is there anything I should be doing to help it? Will it fill in anymore?

I tripped and fell and a stored deer head antler cut me on the forehead. It was not a very wide cut and more of a puncture wound. It has been 8 days since and it has healed... READ MORE

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8% tca peel under eye ruined skin

I had an 8% tca peel done under my eye by my dermatologist for hyper-pigmentation. She did 4 passes , I do not remember her neutralizing it but I figure she must know what she... READ MORE