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Your nose looks beautiful! READ COMMENT

Altoids, give your nose time to heal. Don't rush into anything until your nose has healed (1 yr). There are some doctors out there who may be able to help. It's unlikely that the tip of your nose will grow or the dorsal hump. I... READ COMMENT

I had rhinoplasty at 20 and I told the doctor to leave the bridge of my nose alone. i liked it. I wanted a very small change in the tip of my nose. Apparently he felt he knew better and shaved off the bridge. It really affected me the... READ COMMENT

I am 100% against any fat transfer and was appalled that it was even suggested to me. He is not doing that. I am not looking for a patch job. He and I still have lots to discuss. He has been very nice but I most want not to be placated... READ COMMENT