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Reviews by Sam85

Revision Chin Surgery using Implantech Terino Mild Square XL

My doc was very nice person. Had the surgery with local anesthsia. Doc used submental approach. He used eurosilicone with 8.5 mm projection.Needed chin augmentation because my nose appeared big after Rhinoplasty (nasal implant). I recently had a chin augmentation done. Im 25 years old (male)... READ MORE

Great Success After 4 Rhinoplasty Surgeries

I had a very big nose which really spoiled my looks. Underwent 4 rhinoplasties to get my nose back into shape. Some of the best doctors operated on my nose. Surgeries were performed stage by stage. 1st Surgery 2005 – Doctor hardly reduced the size of my nose. Unhappy with the results... READ MORE

Stomach and Thighs Liposuction - Bangalore

The liposuction did not remove the desired amount of fat and caused uneven counter on stomach. I which I had not got it done. Same for the thighs. Not enough was removed as promised. READ MORE

Questions from Sam85

Alar Rim Graft to Reshape Nostrils and Columella?

I had 3 Rhinoplasties before since I had a very big nose. Dorsum has a silicone implant.Presently, I'm not happy with Alar/nostril thickess, shape (v round). My nose seems to... READ MORE

When Can I Get Nose Lengthening Procedure After 4th Rhinoplasty?

My doc told me that my nose cannot be lengthening using rib graphs and he just performed Alar rim graph and alar base reduction. This is my 4th Rhinoplasty. There is... READ MORE

Is Adding Grafts to Nose Tip Safe?

Would it be safe to add tip grafts (ear/rib) to increase the length and sharpness of the nose tip, without making it bulky because I have thick skin? I recently had... READ MORE

Looking for an Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the US

I recently had alarplasty and alar rim grafts and would be happy if some tip grafts could be added. I do not want to modify any other part of the nose. I'm looking for a good... READ MORE

Jaw Angle Implant Problem. Overlap Chin Implant, Fixed, Now Swelling. (photo)

Had a jaw augmentation(Lateral angle type).However on the right side the Jaw angle implant was overlapping the chin implant.Over time the wing part of the chin implant... READ MORE