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Are your results even better now that it has been over two months? Please keep us posted! Thank you! READ COMMENT

Don't buy into it anymore, H1971! Just what the person wanted......making you look like the bad guy for getting upset! READ COMMENT

So you can't sue if a device makes you sick or disfigured? The FDA approves devices also so I don't get how the manufacturers can get out of being responsible. The damn "Laws or Rules" whatever you want to call them, is friggin... READ COMMENT

Yes....what was the procedure? I don't know of any that would take 15 years off your face that fast without getting a facelift or a high grade chemical peel. Thank you! READ COMMENT

I read an article about biofilm problems with these fillers. You'll have to look it up. Some of the symptoms that people are having sound like the problems that arise from this biofilm. Its an infection that never goes away AND....it... READ COMMENT