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Reviews by LC60613

3 Rhinoplasties in 13 Years

I've had 3 rhinoplasties in the past 13 years. First in 1996 for sports injury, next in 2003 for repair from car accident and twisted tip, and tip reduction in 2008. Now both profile views look completely different, the overall tip is rock hard with a "ball" on one side of the... READ MORE

This Procedure Just Moves the Cellulite to Another Area on Your Body.

I was offered 10 sessions of Velasmooth/Velashape for $1200 (each session is worth $150) so I jumped on it.I had significant improvement in the areas that were worked on, such as the back of my thighs, but it seemed to have shifted the cellulite to my outer thighs now. That's a spot I never... READ MORE

Permanent Makeup - Very Beautiful and Natural Brow Results.

Procedure was done very painlessly with a topical agent applied before tattoo work was done.I was able to get a perfect match on my own eyebrow pencil that I brought in as the model of color. I was asked what style I wanted and the rough idea was drawn on first to see if it was something I... READ MORE

Radiesse Really Helps Nasolabial Folds!

Had Radiesse injected to my nasolabial folds and it seemed to have held for well over a year. The Dr. created a "tunnel" with the needle, so my own body's collagen would fill in the lines in addition to the Radiesse.Pros: Immediate resultsLong lastingDissipates in time if you don't... READ MORE

Latisse - Lashes on Steroids!

This product is awesome, indeed. You have to be sure to apply it exactly to the lash line/brows and nowhere else. Try not to saturate your lashes, otherwise you'll have hair growing in spots its not supposed to! I applied too much and found fine black hairs growing under my eyes! The only... READ MORE

SENSI Peel - Great Alternative to Regular TCA Peels

This is a great alternative to harsher TCA peels if you have sensitive skin. The peel is superficial, yet aggressive enough to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, superficial lines, and shrink pore size. The stinging during treatment is less intense than with other peels. The actual peeling... READ MORE

Questions from LC60613

Is It Possible to Lower a Too High Browlift?

I had an endoscopic browlift 2 years ago and my brows are not sitting anywhere near my browbone anymore. The outer wings are too high and angle upward and out, resembling the... READ MORE