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Questions from Kane

Would You Recommend Rhinoplasty to Improve my Face?

Would a nose job improve my face? I think my nose is kinda big. READ MORE

Can Under Chin Liposuction Be Done if You Have a Chin Implant?

I had a chin implant done 1 year ago, but I have some fat under my chin, always had it even before getting the chin implant, and wanted to know if is possible to do liposuction... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Use Body Hair and Implant Them on the Chest Area?

Normally, when someone desires body hair transplant, the doctors use the donor hair on the back of the head If a person is really hairy all over, for example, whole arms,... READ MORE

Would I benefit from Alar Base Reduction? (Photo)

I had a rhino 4 years ago, and the surgeon put an umbrella graft, because my tip was droopy, now it looks good, when I smile it never drops. I feel like my nostrils are wide,... READ MORE

Liposuction incisions, how to lighten them?

I got lipo done on my flanks in 2012, and my surgeon was smart enough to position the incision, one higher than the other, so it looks less artificial, even though they have... READ MORE

Opinion on my liposuction scars. Would hydroquinone lighten them? (Photo)

I got lipo on flanks 2 years ago. The doctor made the scars uneven so it looks more natural. If you notice one of my scars, looks lighter than the other. I was wondering if... READ MORE

Betablocker before liposuction?

What would happen if i take inderal (betablocker) for a few days for public speaking, if I will have liposuction surgery 1 week after taking the betablocker, will it affect me... READ MORE

Lower abdomen still bulges out after lipo (7 days), while upper abs look fine. (30 years old)

I'm on day 7. Upper abs looks semi flat, but my lower abs, where most of fat was taken out, even though it looks smaller than before, it still bulges out, bloated, super hard,... READ MORE

ATX-101 vs Double Chin Liposuction?

The only benefit that I see from getting ATX-101, is not wearing that ridiculous garment for 7 days, and being able to keep it a secret. I read that the cost can be around $500... READ MORE

Can Liposuction make it easier to reveal your abdominal muscles?

I believe the reason some men are more prone to abdominal fat than others, is because they have more fat cells in the area. Even, if lipo cannot directly reveal your abs, it... READ MORE

Recent comments from Kane

Do you understand that this could have been avoided if she had done more research about the company/beauty center, and procedures she was getting? I know what was viewable and which cosmetic center she used, like I said before, I live... READ COMMENT

I bet the biggest improvement was when sitting, when you relax all muscle READ COMMENT

I live in south florida as well, and I'm one of these one who commented that you should have done more research before getting anything done in the face, but oh wel, such is life, plastic surgery is a gamble, some people get lucky,... READ COMMENT

Couldn't get rid of love handles and belly fat, so i had to get it done, best decision ever, the way i see it, liposuction works better for men than for women, this is because women are programmed to need and have more fat for... READ COMMENT

Even if you do enough research, you can still get a bad result due to many factors that are outside your control, and the doctor's control, they are humans, and can also make mistake, and even if they do everything perfectly, you may... READ COMMENT