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1 Month After Upper Eye Lid - Swelling Normal?

Today is 1 month since I had upper eyelid surgery. The scars are healing nice, and I have not had any problems during recovery. I have been back to normal activity since the 2nd week of the procedure and feel great.My friends and I all agree that they can't see a change in my eyes and that my... READ MORE

Recently Had Lasik - Reading, PA

Friday, Feb 11 2011, I had Lasik surgery on both eyes. The surgery was painless and the recovery was painless. The following day I had a follow up visit and the doc said everything was healing fine. I was not 20/20 and I had blurred vision. The rest of the weekend, there wasn't much... READ MORE

Various Tattoo Laser Treatments - Allentown, PA

I have had various laser treatments to remove a small black, red and green tattoo off my hip. I have had 15+ treatments, and spent way over 1500 so far. The tattoo has faded but it is a long and painful process. When I received my first consult, I was told 5 treatments would remove the tattoo. ... READ MORE

Questions from Golfaz

Raised Scar After Upper Eyelid Surgery 6 Months Ago

I had upper eyelid surgery 6 mo ago .... the scars have mostly disappeared except at one spot which is the closest point to the inside corner of the eye. The scar is raised and... READ MORE

Blurry Vision After Lasik

I had lasik surgery on both eyes on Friday, Feb 11, 2011. The Dr said that everything is healing as planned. My vision is blurry for near and alittle for far (I was... READ MORE

Upper eyelid surgery left small rope-like scar. Any advice?

I had upper eyelid surgery about 3 years ago and am very happy with the results. All the scars are faded except in a small area. There are 3 bumps that look like a rope that... READ MORE

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Hi Eva. I still have treatments about every 12 weeks, and the tattoo is extremely faded to the point that I could stop and be satisfied. It is a very long and painful experience not to mention the costs. The treatments work but it... READ COMMENT

I am light skinned. Laser treatments work well, just painful, costly and it doesn't fade over night. It is a process. READ COMMENT

I am doing very well. Had 2 more treatments since my last post and it continues to fade. At this point, I will probably stop the treatments since it is barely noticeable. Laser removal works well, but the process is long and expensive. READ COMMENT

I had about 15 sessions and the tattoo is faded but not gone yet. it is a super long and expensive process READ COMMENT

It was a struggle for me to say the least. I couldn't even read a street sign. Halos around any kind of light and just overall low quality vison. I panicked and thought I had ruined my eyes but in weeks and even months it improved... READ COMMENT