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I understand your feelings. I misunderstood your original post and thought that you had only had 1 procedure. Still, Mary, the protocol is a minimum of 6 treatments for skin tightening. If you only did 3 (face) or 4 (neck), you did not... READ COMMENT

Please check with the manufacturer of the device or any other provider of the Venus Freeze or Venus Legacy service. One treatment is NOT meant to show any result, or at most, a temporary "Cinderella" effect. Long term and more dramatic... READ COMMENT

Nice! A real CLASS act. READ COMMENT

Nice results Elad. REALLY nice b / a photo technique. Thank you for sharing. And for stating that you have patient consent so not to violate HIPA. (something that Irish obviously knows nothing about and does not want to learn) thanks again! READ COMMENT

Beeok, I should not have questioned your medical condition. Of course, I do not know the details, and should not have made an uninformed opinion as so many others on this website frequently do. My apologies. I have a friend that offers... READ COMMENT