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You don't own this site. I have a right to express my view. you started the thread, you should be ready for comments whether you like them or not. If you reply I would not dignify you with reply. READ COMMENT

This is just words. where is your picture w/damage? and besides, don't yell at me with you caps on. have class. READ COMMENT

Depends on the damage. is it scarring? i am looking into subsicion and maybe punch elevation which I should've probably considered first. what damage you have? scarring is the only damage that is real damage. if your skin is dry it is a... READ COMMENT

Can't wait to see your updated pic. Thanks for the post! READ COMMENT

What a loong post. I cannot see the damage you're describing. If there a way to take high-res picture? Your cheeks are sort of deflated but it's hard to tell, did you have any injections at all prior to Fraxel? My only thing w/Fraxel is... READ COMMENT