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Partial Myectomy and Ptosis Repair for Blepharospasm with Apraxia of Lid Opening

I am am a 52 yr o physician who recently underwent partial myectomy and ptosis repair for Blepharospasm with Apraxia of lid opening, initially almost 7 wks ago, along with lateral canthoplasty which I was unaware of (I am not asian) until after.Initially told I could go back to work in 2 wks,... READ MORE

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Lagopthalmos at Night, Inadequate Blinking 7 Months After Bleph

3rd revision of blepharoplasty with partial myectomy for blepharospasm. I have been taping my eyes shut since the first procedure in oct 09, to the point that the skin around... READ MORE

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I just wanted to add . i think it would have made all the difference if my surgeon had done a brow lift instead of Ptosis repair. Due to the repair, my lids keep pulling the brow down because the upper lids aren't wide enough any more.... READ COMMENT

I am carrying on. Decided to take a break from surgeries. Learning to live with what I have. Both my lower lids have started to turn inwards and i have been told they will need surgical correction. every now and then the lashes rub too... READ COMMENT

Thanks Kim! Much Appreciated. God bless you. READ COMMENT

Kim, I would like to speak with Dr Holds if he can make my eyes look even again. I have developed a problem in both lower lids now too because of changing angle of eyes. Both lids turn inwards everynow and then especially when I... READ COMMENT

Thks for caring! Did U ever get your surg? I dec to not let this destroy me, the person.Been to hell and back before, prayed for a chance again.With God's grace, found a 3 mo job in one of the rural areas, with patching at night and... READ COMMENT