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I guess the cheek area is more sensitive then as there is hardly any blood showing in the temple area after the procedure. READ COMMENT

What? One of the uses is treating hollow eyes. Are you a doctor? READ COMMENT

I think the collagen takes longer to form because of your age. It should be comforting that the reviewer above thought it did not work like you but saw results after 8 months and she is in her 70's like you. So try and be patient. READ COMMENT

Did you get injections on your cheek area or temples? I think you must misunderstand where the temple area is because the after procedure pic where you have the blood is not where the temple is located. READ COMMENT

I definitely see a difference. It's subtle, the kind where someone sees a difference in your face but cannot pin pint what exactly changed. I like the the sculptra does not directly cause the increased volume but triggers more collagen... READ COMMENT