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That's quite the billing error! :D I would have had a mild heart attack on seeing that in the mail. Very happy that worked out for you. READ COMMENT

Wow! Why the change of heart? Was it a billing error? READ COMMENT

Did you ever get clarification regarding the bill from Houston Northwest? READ COMMENT

I wasn't as fresh as I could have been when I read your previous post. It's worth noting that going under the muscle has a way of 'suppressing' the effect of getting implants. Also, 550cc should have the effect of increasing by 2 cup... READ COMMENT

2 weeks post is too soon to pass judgement. 3 weeks is a bare minimum, but surgeons will typically say to wait till 6 weeks post. If you're still quite dissatisfied after 6 weeks, then you can try complaining to him to see whether he'll... READ COMMENT