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Depends on Where You Put It - Beverly Hills, CA

I previously had Restylane in some random areas on my face (with a different doctor) and I didn't like it because it only lasted a few weeks. However, I recently had it under my eyes to fill in the hollows and I LOVE IT. So far it has lasted 6 months and I don't think I will be needing a... READ MORE

Best Procedure I Have Ever Done! - Southern California

I've been having treatments on and off for the past 8 years. The last 5 years have been maintenance only. I had most of my body done (full legs, full arms, butt, underarms, full bikini) and I would say I am 85% hair free. In some areas like my butt, arms and legs, I am about 98% hair free.... READ MORE

Half a Labiaplasty - Perfect Results. Los Angeles, CA

I was terrified of the idea of having my labia cut into mostly because there are nerves there. I am beyond thrilled that I went through with the procedure. It didn't hurt and was quick and easy. I had one labia cut to match the other side. The results are flawless, even and perfect. I look like... READ MORE

An Improvement, But Far From Flawless. Los Angeles, CA

For the amount of time and money wearing these, the results are not perfect. My final retainer looks like the teeth are perfect but in reality they aren't. If I could go back in time, I would have chosen traditional braces. I was a great candidate because my teeth weren't that bad to begin with,... READ MORE

Dr. Srour Did an Incredible Job on My Revision Rhinoplasty - Los Angeles, CA

I had my primary rhinoplasty with a different Dr. in 2010 and wasn't happy with the results. Although it was an improvement from my wide/bulbous original nose, it was still very flawed and not what I wanted at all. He left it too long and downturned. It was an unfinished (half-@$$) job and I... READ MORE

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Thank you and good question! I noticed a huge difference in the profile right away, but I thought the front looked enormous and I looked like I got punched in the nose. I had to keep reminding myself that it's just swelling and sure... READ COMMENT

Yes, it was quite pointy before and it's less pointy now since he shortened it. The former long length was what made it appear pointy. My nose is still very swollen though. After my primary, my nose looked similar from the front and... READ COMMENT

Yes I have thick skin. And no, he didn't use grafts. I needed to reduce cartilage, not add. READ COMMENT

Thank you so much. Hoping for the best for you! READ COMMENT

Thank you! I never had an grafting done on my nose. READ COMMENT