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Understanding Capsular Contracture (200cc Smooth Round Silicone Implants Under the Muscle)

The plastic surgeon I chose is well known for his natural looking breast augmentations and had done many of my friends who were all ecstatic with their results. I wanted small natural looking implants as I have very narrow hips and broad back and did not want to look out of proportion. My... READ MORE

Radiesse Migrating and Causing Lumps and Broken Capillaries - Collateral Damage - Do Not Use This Awful Filler - Boulevard, CA

I went to a top Beverly Hills PS for tear troughing. Although we agreed on Juvederm during our consult, his 'aesthetician' recommended Radiesse. I agreed as I assumed it was another brand of hyaluronic acid. The procedure and it's potential risks were never discussed. It was done via... READ MORE

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How to warn people against Radiesse

I had this done on advice of an aesthetician of a PS with whom I had previously agreed to use Juvaderm for tear troughs. She must have been incentivised to sell it as I went... READ MORE

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Thanks for sharing this. I am 8 days post upper and lower blepharoplasty and brow lift as well as fat graft to under my eyes, temples, upper eyelids and below to blend in with contours. It is a total shock. I like the look of everything... READ COMMENT

I think the redness is the body's natural inflammatory response as this is not a hard substance (see my other posts) not recognised by the body and as the skin of your eyes is thin, it is showing which it would not do if you inject it... READ COMMENT

So sorry to hear this. I suspect the inflammation - which I had too - is where the radiesse is closer to the epidermis and dermis so it's visible but probably also deeper down the tissue as well. If you inject a foreign matter (ie... READ COMMENT

If you really want to do something, inform the fda and copy radiesse. It is obvious that there are issues due to the incorrect use of radiesse. Or start an anti radiesse Facebook campaign to highlight it to others! ... READ COMMENT

The good news is that my lump eventually disappeared but the broken vein obviously remained and it left the area looking worse than before. I would also say that the hollows are worse than before as if the radiesse affected the fat... READ COMMENT