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Restylane: Too Much $$$ for a Non-lasting Result

Restylane only lasted me 2 months.  I have had the injections done by 2 different doctors (one injected very deeply and one almost at the skin surface).  It made no difference because after about  2 months, the deep lines around my mouth started to show and by 3 months they were... READ MORE

Doubting my Decision - Pennsylvania

I am 3 weeks out (jowls and neck) and so far, I see nothing -no improvement. Many of the patients write about seeing immediate improvement but I cannot say I noticed any difference. I am hoping that I will see a firmness when I approach the 2 month date, but I am getting doubtful, thinking... READ MORE

Questions from monroe7702

Why Some Docs Inject 2-4 Wks After 1st, While Others (like Mine) Wait at Least 3 Mos?

Since Sculptra results take at least 3 months to show, isn't it more prudent to wait for at least the 3 months, or even more, for further injections, since the collagen... READ MORE

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You have my empathy. My surgery was in May. I also waited 8 weeks after diagnosis before that surgery and always woke up wondering if the cancer was spreading. Is that the norm? After infections for 12 weeks, about 8 back... READ COMMENT

I never went back to the doctor to see my 'after' shots because I KNOW that there was NO improvement at all. I am 60, good skin tone, no fine wrinkles, just beginning to show signs of sagging along jaw line - a perfect candidate... READ COMMENT

My doctor has me waiting 3 months also. I have read so many different waiting times but 3 months does not seem out of the ordinary. I had 2 vials 5 weeks ago and do not see any change.....waiting and hoping. READ COMMENT

I just posted my final decision post and NO, it's a thumbs down - NOT WORTH IT! I think there are many posts on this board from people who have something to gain by writing positive comments. It's a big waste! Sorry to be so... READ COMMENT

Thanks for keeping us all informed. My takeaway on this after 3 months is that it does NOTHING and is a bunch of hipe --it's painful and expensive and I have nothing to show for it. I only did my lower face and I know now, ... READ COMMENT