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Moved my Review and updates over to Mommy Makeovers

Hi! I'm so glad to have found the realself website! I turn 57 next month. Married 33 years with 2 kids and 5 grandchildren. I'm 5'3" tall and 140lbs. I've had 2 major weight losses first one 75 lbs. which I gained back and the second one was 100 lbs., which I have kept off for 12 years. Both... READ MORE

TT & BA at Age 57...5'3" 140lbs. 339cc Mod+ under muscle. SX-10-16-14. Maintained 100 Lb. Wt Loss for 13 Yrs. - Western Colorado

I have finally made the decision to do this! Originally I thought that I would have the BA first and follow up with the TT in one year. After asking some questions here on RS it makes sense to get them both done and go through the recovery process all at one time. There's not as many of us older... READ MORE

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I'm 57 yrs old. Is it common for PS to not require blood work or an EKG prior to Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation?

I'm Getting a Tummy Tuck and Breast Aug (at the same time) at age 57. I'm 5'3" tall 140 lbs. I take supplements & Bio-identical hormones but no medications. I eat well and I... READ MORE

Is it unusual for a patient to have a reaction to the stitches? Is there a way to test if a person will be allergic to them?

Is it unusual for a patient to have a reaction to the stitches and is there a way to test and tell before the surgery if a person will be allergic to them? I read of a person... READ MORE

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Hi! how are your nerves?? I can't imagine how I will be at 2 days pre-op!!!! Aaahhhhhh and yayyyyy! Perhaps we can meet one day on a cruise?? hahah Hubby and I want to do that in 2015 for his 60th birthday. Your pre-op boobs are... READ COMMENT

You're welcome! It's hard to know what to buy before hand and what to wait for. My worry is being post-op with a tender incision, still not completely worry free about germs and in a fitting room.....ick! READ COMMENT

I have a grandson that is older than you. So here is my advise as a Nana. If you have the chance to do this now....then really consider it strongly! I wish that I had been able to do this when I was young, but there's no way in the... READ COMMENT

Hi There! I'm much older than you, ha, I have a grandchild just a few years younger than you! I think that it 's wonderful what you are doing! I wish that I had been able to do it when I was younger! I have similar breasts and tummy to... READ COMMENT