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Orthognathic Surgery, Upper and Lower Jaw, Age 29 - Dallas, TX

I first learned I might need orthognathic surgery when I had my upper wisdom teeth removed; the surgeon remarked that I had a severe open bite, and this would cause pain and problems later in life if not addressed. I ignored it for a while, and when I graduated from school I went to several... READ MORE

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I do have feeling in all of my face now--though in my lower lip and chin, it's only partial feeling. I can feel sensation there, but it sets off some pretty intense tingling (and I'm currently about 72 days post-op). I'm hopeful this... READ COMMENT

I hope you are feeling better by now. :/ I had upper and lower jaw surgery around the same time as you and am also struggling with my results and appearance, though I am trying to accept them. However, I absolutely do not think you... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing your story! Your results are amazing (and I will say I am a little jealous, as I am still struggling with my post-surgery face). It's so funny how different doctor's instructions are...I got the go-ahead to chew at... READ COMMENT

I will go check her story out! Thanks for letting me know. :) It's so good to hear that other people have swelling for so long...that is something I feel doctors are maybe not truthful about (because who would want this surgery if they... READ COMMENT

I haven't noticed that it pops or goes off track! There's just a resistance and a sharp pain if I try to push it too far--but at least I know the pain is just stiffness/scar tissue and if I push through it will get better. I am opening... READ COMMENT