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Hi Huddie, thanks for your reply. Fibromyalgia/CFS is most certainly triggered by this and is the single most common side effect amongst all sufferers of botulism it seems. I am sorry to hear that you are 3 years out and still having so... READ COMMENT

Has anyone's Ultrasound or CT scan of Abdomen or Pelvis shown evidence of 'Free fluid'? It's common in females and associated with the sort of cramping you experience during menstrual cycles. In males it's uncommon and associated with... READ COMMENT

No one replied you? I had all the same things as you. The bulk of your symptoms will last a few months and then you will feel some relief with lessening degree and intensity of symptoms. When this happens keep focused on the fact that... READ COMMENT

I was a 39 year old male fitness fanatic when I had dysport in May 2014. Approx 2 weeks after my life was completely turned upside down. It started with joint and muscle pain, extreme fatigue. I just couldn't stay awake. Symptoms... READ COMMENT

Heart palps are a regular side effect. However yours sounds a lot like a condition called SVT. Don't panic :) it's very common and if it happened to be the case it's non life threatening. Svt stands for super ventricular tachycardia.... READ COMMENT