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#TeamSalama** 06*22*2015 "Lets Go"**

Hello Everyone, Well let me introduce myself. I’m 34 years old will be celebrating my 35th birthday in a few weeks GO ME! Anyhow I’ve been controplating liposuction / tummy tuck for the last ten years to be truthful after I gave birth to my daughter back in 2004 “JULY”, my stomach... READ MORE

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Will liposuction benefit from a person who is a size 12/14 or is a Tummy Tuck the better option? (photos)

I'm a size 14 and had two children. However the lose skin in my stomach area is horrible. I work out very hard and can actually see muscle definition but the lose skin just... READ MORE

Will Hypothyroidism disqualify me from having Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck? Current weight 216 5'6. Thank you.(photo)

Hello my current weight is 216 and I'm 5'6 close to 5'7. For the last five years I've been struggling with my thyroid levels and know their finally normal. I work out, run, eat... READ MORE

I'm considering getting a BBL, but wanted only 500 cc. Is this enough to possibly achieve the second picture result? (Photo)

I want more fullness but not to much. Being that I'm already hippy not sure if 500 cc would make a difference or not. Thank you for your time and interest in this matter. READ MORE

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WOW you look stunning! I'm sooo happy for you. You are inspiring and your spirit just glows! Job well done : ) : ) READ COMMENT

Thank you girl! Yes June will be here soon. I'm sooo excited. I'm so happy I didn't rush things and decided to take my time. It worked out for the best. I'm trying really hard to target the 180's, for this will be a size 9/10 for me. I... READ COMMENT

Your welcome! Your time is soooo close! I'm so excited for you! I will keep you uplifted in prayer. READ COMMENT

Hey Girl : ) Thanks for checking up on me! Everything is well. A few minor set backs but I'm still focused and ready to get Salama Fine. I can't wait. How are you doing? Not much longer to go! Your ready?? READ COMMENT

Hi Hun, I wish you the best in this process. I've followed your post since I started on "real self". Pray and meditate on it, make a list of pro's and cons. Safety first : ) plz keep us updated! Best Wishes **** READ COMMENT