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In Need of TITTIES! Mommy of 3 Breastfed Boys!! 34b Wanting D's - Jacksonville, FL traveling to Coral Gables

Now I'm not and sure never been a small chic lol! I'm an African American female who's 5' 4.5" (lol) weighing about 160lb. I'm 32 years old and my youngest is almost 7. I breastfed the first 2 boys for 1 year each and my milk dried up in the last child's 3 month. I had to switch him to infamil!... READ MORE

CONSULTATION Too Old to Perform Surgery on Me!! Jacksonville, FL

Okay so I went in for my first consultation yesterday! How excited I was?! Going in the office to start paperwork was easy going. The secretary was absolutely WONDERFUL! I was writing and listening to the doctor talk to some people whom dropped by to say hello to him. He was very cordial! I was... READ MORE

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Not sure yet. I want about 600cc but I don't know :)....we'll see very soon! I'll find out today READ COMMENT

2 words. Prayer and optimism. I know it's easier said than done but that's all you have now. Did you order the clamp(s) as suggested? READ COMMENT

Wooowhie!!! I'm sitting here getting my nails done, 3 days pre op and I can't put the phone done from reading this review from beginning to END ! Every word! Wow what an experience!!! I have thought about reconsidering a few times now.... READ COMMENT