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Thank you so very much. You give me hope and your message has made my day. xx READ COMMENT

I agree. Sometimes it looks nice but if it looks awful then that's all you can focus on. Ugh. Did your Radiesse issue ever go away? Or do you think some of it is permanent? READ COMMENT

I have made a complaint against the doctor who dissolved the juvederm under my eyes because she did it without my consent. My complaint is "performing a medical procedure without informed consent". The regulatory authority is not... READ COMMENT

I was one of the unlucky ones who got the permanent damage. I walk around with my head down. I do not look people in the eye. I loathe overhead lights. Hyaluronidase ruined my lower eye lids which ruined my self confidence and my self... READ COMMENT

Honestly, it wasn't the Juvederm that caused the problem in my tear troughs. It was hyaluronidase. That should not be used around the eyes. Dissolving HA filler with hyaluronidase is also an off-label use. Injectables are hit and miss... READ COMMENT