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Can i ask..why did you do the surgery? i see that before the liplift you could show the theeth ...i wanna this surgery because i cant show my theeth when i smile. can you tell me if your teeth are more visible now or it does not change? READ COMMENT

Ahh... i understand how you feel so i understand you wanna another surgery...i cant show my teeth too . tell me if you decided other surgery READ COMMENT

Yeah..thats true... but when you smile the teeth is visible or neither? READ COMMENT

Hi my name is daniela and im from colombia so im sorry for my english , i really like your scar i wanna ask you before you did the cirgury you could show your teeth?because i wanna do it because i dont show my teeth at all! so i wanna... READ COMMENT

Im nervous about that because i have queloide or keloide skin (i dont know how you say keloide but i hope you can understand me) but in the other hand i really wanna do it because when i smile i dont show my teeth at all! And i wanna be... READ COMMENT