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How Are Under Muscle Saline Breast Implants Different from Silicone?

I am looking into having breast implants very soon. I really would like to get silicone because of how much more natural they are, but I am only 19.I am a 36B-34C and want to... READ MORE

Have my Breast Implants Bottomed Out?

Was 34B got 300cc in 1, 350cc saline, areola incision, under muscle. Im 2 1/2 wks post op theyre still a bit swollen/high up but getting better everyday. I feel like I can feel... READ MORE

Saline to Silicone Breast Implants for 18 Year Old?

I was small c/full b on one breast and small b on the other. I got saline implants a month ago with 350 on one side 275 on larger side. they feel hard and i can feel the... READ MORE

Will my Incision Site Scars Be Much Worse After a Breast Implant Revision?

I had a breast augmentation about 2 months ago with 300cc salines and they are too big so I am planning on having a revision with 250 cc silicone. I went through the aereola... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Revision: How Long Until They Feel Real?

I had salines put in about 4 months ago and did not like them so I had them exchanged for smaller 250 cc silicones through the aerola.They dont seem swollen now 3 weeks after... READ MORE

During Sex Will my Partner Be Able to Tell I Had Implants?

I hav 250cc silicone low profiles under muscle and had a small c to start with. I really would not like to tell anyone i had implants. Wen a guy and I are being intimate, will... READ MORE

Will a Third Breast Implant Surgery Ruin my Breasts?

I got saline 350 ccs about 9 months ago. They were too big so I got silicone 250 ccs. I still feel they are too big and i am beginning to think i liked my normal breasts better... READ MORE

Will 100 Ccs in a Natural C Cup Be Pretty Much Not Palpable?

I had a BA with 300 ccs and salines but i had such an AWFUL case of stria cause by skin is really tight i guess. I didnt want to go from that to nothing so I want to switch to... READ MORE

Why Do I Have to Wait 4 Months to Do a Revision

I got implants in november. I felt too large with 300 cc and i switched to 250 cc silicones instead of saline after 4 months. Now I still feel too large after almost 3 months.... READ MORE

Will I Ever Have to Tell my Partner I Had a Breast Augmentation?

I am 5 foot 7 and I was a small C before my augmentation and had 125cc silicone low profiles put in. Now I am a small D but they feel SO natural. You cannot even feel the... READ MORE