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This coming november. .i dnt hve kids yet but im really not comfortable with the labia i hope to discuss with the gyne the trim method and planningto have the opening stitch as well. .this community is helping me a lot with my decision. . READ COMMENT

I hope i could have mine done and heal faster thnx for sharing ur experiences that is very helpful to me READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for all your posts it makes me feel positive hoping to undergo labiaplasty and repair of vaginal opening same as you are READ COMMENT

Keep us posted pls im planning to undergo same surgery soon but im still reading posts if i should go to o gyne or syrgeons. .im from the philippines.early 30''s READ COMMENT

Im planning to undergo labiaplasty and has been following this page for a few months now.m planning to have it done by an Obgyne. .this post really made me feel positive. But how about vaginal rejuvination will it really tighten the... READ COMMENT