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I'm 24 male from India. Which procedure would fix my uneven eyes best? I want it to be done for less money.

I started noticing that my right eye is uneven compared to left, my right eye looks bit higher( I'm afraid due to asymmetrical eye sockets) when I take selfie photos my right... READ MORE

Can upper jaw surgery even my asymmetrical eyes?

Hello, I'm 23 male with uneven eyes, I know that no1's perfect but I hate how I look, right eye higher than other and it really bothers me all the time. Is there any way to fix... READ MORE

How to fix my uneven eyes? Would fillers be good? I'm afriad of surgery which will leave scars and stitches on my face.

I'm talking about uneven eye sockets, not eyelids. I've always noticed my right eye being above the left eye in position, giving my eyes a really asymmetrical look( I don't... READ MORE

Orbital floor implant for eye asymmetry? Can an orbital floor implant or something else raise the eyeball slightly?

I have an asymmetrical face. This is not due to any trauma or accident rather something I've had since birth. The right side of my face is different, lower and larger than the... READ MORE