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Mole Back of Upper Thigh - Madison, WI

I had basal cell CA lower eye lid, so now in addition to my personal skin monitoring, I have a full body screening every 6 months. I see a NP in dermatology for this. She identified a small "normal" mole high on the back of one thigh. I asked about having it removed since I didn't think I could... READ MORE

Gentlewaves LED treatment for 66 yo, sun-aged skin - New Braunfels, TX

I've purchased unlimited daily treatments with Gentlewaves, a LED light device, for $100/mo. Each treatment lasts less than 1 minute. This is my first time trying this treatment. Eye protection is reportedly not needed, but I've chosen to use goggles. I started out doing a daily treatment,... READ MORE

Questions from fjelly

What is the best way to treat solar brown spots on arms, legs, back, hands, face, lip?

What type of treatment work best for solar brown spots on the arms, legs, shoulders, decolletage, hands, face, and lip? Can the same type of laser be used on these various body... READ MORE

Are brown sun spots easier to treat with BBL (broadband light) or IPL after use of skin lighteners and glycolic?

I've been using non-hydroquinone skin lighteners and glycolic daily for several months and my brown sun spots have faded somewhat. I'm considering BBL or IPL to finish the job... READ MORE

Why am I getting more brown spots despite daily use of high SPF sunscreen?

I understand brown pigment from old sun exposure, but I don't understand why more brown pigment spots develop despite daily use of a sunscreen with high SPF. I apply a... READ MORE

Are light-based skin treatments safe for a person with systemic lupus?

Are light-based skin treatments, such as broadband light (BBL), intense pulse light (IPL), and LED lights (red, blue, or amber) safe for a person with systemic lupus, given... READ MORE

GentleWaves - how many treatments and how often?

Putting cost aside, is there a reason to limit the frequency and total number of GentleWaves LED treatments. Or asked another way: Any reason not to have unlimited, daily... READ MORE

IPL for brown spot and red spot on lip line?

I have a single solar brown spot located right on my lip line and a single red spot just above the lip line. Is there any contraindication to treating these spots with IPL when... READ MORE

Is topical Vit A in it various forms contraindicated prior to IPL?

I've read on this site that oral isotretinoin is contraindicated up to a year prior to IPL because it is photo-sensitizing. Is there a similar contraindication prior to IPL for... READ MORE

Can IPL treat the thickened texture of solar brown spots?

The solar brown spots (lentigos) on my arms have a thickened texture i.e they look like growths. I understand IPL can treat the brown pigment, but what about the thickened... READ MORE

Can Vit C serum contribute to broken capillaries?

I have mild rosacea with redness, but no pustules. My rosacea is in good control, but I do notice that I've developed more broken capillaries around my nose and chin. I've been... READ MORE

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I recently learned about the work of Dr Madalene Heng, a long time practicing dermatologist with UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Heng has developed a topical gel made from curcumin for the treatment of psoriasis, rosacea, acne, burns, and... READ COMMENT

Hello, Are you continuing to use PSORIA GOLD? Are you still happy with the results? Have results continued the longer you've use it? Has it helped control further development of your rosacea symptoms? Do you use it once or twice a day?... READ COMMENT

Hello, Are you continuing to use PSORIA GOLD? Are you still happy with the results? Have results continued the longer you've use it? Do you use it once or twice a day? How heavy is it? Is it sticky? Does it add a yellow color to the... READ COMMENT

How was your experience with VeinGoth? Was it effective in removing the veins? Was it painful? Were there any side effects like bruising, texture changes, pigment changes? Thank you. READ COMMENT

Why type of IPL machine was used for your treatment? Where did you have the treatment done - doctor's office or spa? What the professional training of the person who the treatment? Thank you. READ COMMENT