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Good bye Mommy Boobs & Hello perky Girls!!

I'm so glad that I went with Dr.Wrye & Dr. Hall. They say,"It's All About You!" It's so true, it really is all about the patient. They have a wonderful Spa setting with wonderful water fixtures, comfy waiting area's & forget the cheap disposable gowns they use nice lightweight cotton robes.... READ MORE

Rt Breast Revision Due to Capsular Contraction Scaring - Reno, NV

I'm currently almost 12 months post-op from my first breast augmentation & full anchor lift, my implants are 425cc Mod plus silicone under muscle. I started to notice around 4 months post-op that my rt breast was changing; it looked like I had the beginning of pectoral muscle deformity or... READ MORE

Questions from excitedflower

Will an implant in the range of 400cc-475cc be a safe choice for behind the muscle with an anchor lift? (Photo)

My ps feels that in order for me to have a good result I should have at least a 450cc-475cc implant . I'm currently a saggy 36C and didn't really want to have enormous breasts.... READ MORE

I would like to know if going above a 400cc implant will cause problems?

I have back problems and don't want to end up throwing my back out because I'm carrying around heavy breasts. I also don't want to end up having DDDD-E size breasts. That is... READ MORE

I'm having a full anchor incision breast lift with silicone implants behind the muscle. What size implant would be safe?

I didn't mean to leave that out. My breasts were engorged & ended up being a large DDDD-E during pregnancy & breastfeeding for a year in a half. I would like to know, what size... READ MORE

How tight does the ace wrap have to be after the 1st 48 hrs? Doc said I can shower today!

My PS told me I can shower today :) I'm so excited to finally see my new girls :) should I try to make the ace wrap as tight as it was after surgery? Or is it whatever makes u... READ MORE

I'm going on 72 hrs & I'm not sure how my post-op bra fit?

I'm not sure if my post op sports bra should be more comfortable with some support or if more support & compression is more important? READ MORE

I'm wondering if I should be concerned about this scab that stuck to my bra & has partially ripped off? (photo)

I'm almost 7 wks post-op from a BL & BA. This is a scab that stuck to my bra a couple times. It doesn't have any odor, I've been keeping it clean & dry. Does this look like... READ MORE

I'm almost 16 wks post-op what can be done to fix the beginning of this one sided pectoral deformity. (photo)

About 4 wks ago I was laying down ; I reached my arm at about a 45 degree angle over my head to pick something up of the end table. I immediately felt a pop & it felt like I... READ MORE

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Thank u so much!! I'm so glad that you can relate to my situation & I look forward to seeing how your breast revision turns out! I hope & pray that your breasts end up looking like Sister's Not distant cousins! :) I'm really struggling... READ COMMENT

Try to relax as much as u can...so glad to see Arnica Montana on your list. I know it's easier said than done (the relaxing part). Stress releases too many toxins into your body & can get you all worked up... try to focus on breathing... READ COMMENT

If you don't already have Arnica Montana, please get some & start taking it now. It will help with imflamation, pain & bruising! I hope your surgery & recovery are wonderful! It's so sad when your closest friends don't understand or... READ COMMENT

I wish I could of had Dr.Pousti as my PS! His work is truly an art form & your girls look AMAZING! I look forward to seeing how u look @ 6 months & 12 months post-op! All my best & wishes for a speedy recovery! Xoxo READ COMMENT

I'm sorry your 2nd day was so hard. Did your PS say you could take advil 48hrs post op? I hope u don't let the pain get out of control, there's definitely a reason for those pain pills(but if you're doing well without then yeah). Yes... READ COMMENT