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Hey Chelie! I'm so glad that appointment went well; that's really great! I've seen an embarrassing number of doctors, but a 2 hour wait time? Hats off to you for waiting around. It sounds like it ended up being time well spent. I'm... READ COMMENT

Oh, yea! That's a weird thing to say yea about, but yea! I really hope they're helpful, and can offer you a different perspective. Fingers crossed! Sorry, you're definitely having some pain issues. I hope things start to resolve... READ COMMENT

Hey pretty lady! Can I ask if you're in any pain, other than the pesky chin issue? I don't know if you had any TMJ issues, or disc problems prior to surgery, but did your joints seem to tolerate surgery OK? Does your bite feel as... READ COMMENT

Every day for 30 days, yikes. I've only heard of it being used for like 10 or 14 consecutive days. That longer time period would be super challenging. Also, $10,000 daily for 30 days, that's essentially Monopoly money. Shoot. Oh, the... READ COMMENT

I so wish they were available at more hospitals, but those puppies are hard to find! I don't suppose there's one available closer to either where you live or where you work, so it would be slightly more convenient? The other thing I was... READ COMMENT