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35 Years Old, 3 Kids Ready for a Upgrade - Sydney, AU

Iam ready too get my self a new body!! I have had implants before about 7 years ago 410cc silicone high profile at the time was told that's all he could fit in me as was so flat chested :-/ So after some bigger ones soon yah :) Have decided too get my tummy tuck done as well,though not quiet at... READ MORE

Questions from sas511

Should I go ahead with surgery? (Photo)

Hi Iam booked in for tummy tuck and replacement of implants at the end of august. I had lost some weight but since quitting smoking in January I have not been able too loose... READ MORE

How to get a fake implant look?

Hi have 410cc implants at the moment and getting them replaced next month for 650 cc implants. They are currently on top of the muscle , high profile , silicone and Iam 85 kgs... READ MORE

I'm 35 yrs old, 191 lbs, 5'5. Will 700cc be too big? (photos)

Hi Iam 35 and 87kgs just under 170cm tall I think. I have 410 cc high profile, round silicone implants Doctor has put me down for 625/650cc high, round and above muscle but now... READ MORE

I'm 90 kgs and 168 cm, my rib cage measurement under breast is 37.5 in, chest size is 45 in. Is 700 cc too big on my frame?

Hi Iam 90 kgs and about 168 cm .my rib cage measurement under breast is 37.5 chest size at the moment is 45 inches. Will a 700 cc implant be too big? I have 410cc... READ MORE

What do I wear after Breast Augmentation? (photo)

Was wondering if I can just wear these soft cup bras or if I need too get proper sports bras?? READ MORE

3 weeks post op Tummy Tuck, there is dark dried up blood in between my incisions. Is this normal? (photos)

Hi I've had a tummy tuck 3 weeks ago My surgeons office is 2 hours away so can't just go in too see them but does this look normal?? There is one part that looks like it has... READ MORE

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Thanks will try not too lol xxx READ COMMENT

That's ok I'll go see what they say :) READ COMMENT

Yeah is pretty dry, I hope they are telling me the best things too do and it's ok . The main thing is I don't get a infection fingers crossed all goes ok! I guess if the worst is I get a bad scar they said they can correct that at a... READ COMMENT

Ok great thanks will ask my chemist but Iam in Australia we might not have the exact product here might have too get a alternative READ COMMENT

Thanks Hun They just told me too put a light gauze over it I think so it doesn't rub on the binder and just blow dry and air out after shower each day and re apply gauze and binder READ COMMENT