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I agree. I work out. Eat like a rabbit but I guess my body does not want me to see a lower number. Yeah during the summer I ate too much. Drank more than I should have. Worked out less. So hot here in S FL. So now I'm paying the price.... READ COMMENT

Love the sweater. Is it on the thin side?? I'm in south Florida and it's always humid here! READ COMMENT

Well I try to look at these gals on here and what awesome transformations they have - that gives me hope. Then I look in the mirror & get discouraged. Like does this really work type thoughts. I go to the gym. Not like a body builder... READ COMMENT

Cool. Dec 2nd is my wedding anniversary. I hear you all. I'd like to loaf at home and I hate clean up after meals at their house. Been doing it 14 years. I never want help in my kitchen!!! Why do I have to at their house. Anyway, I... READ COMMENT